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Have you ever wondered how those finger-touch lamps really work? Discover the answer to this question and more on the 50-in-1 Electronic Playground. The “playground” is a kit of easy-to-build projects that will teach you how more than 50 electronic circuits work including those in a finger-touch lamp, voltmeter, alarm, electronic keyboard, transistor radio and more. No tools or soldering required! Components just snap onto the built-in breadboard. A great way to learn about voltage, current, resistance and more, the playground comes with an easy-to-read 76-page illustrated instruction manual.

Learn about voltage, current, resistors, capacitors and much more
Uses classic spring hook-up method for arranging circuits
Requires 1 “9V” battery
Another fun, educational product from the company that brings you Snap Circuits. Manual available for download in Spanish at

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