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Tutorials and Code:
This kit contains basic (Tutorial.pdf) and advanced (Processing.pdf) projects tutorials.
You can download the tutorials and code before purchasing:

Contents of Tutorial.pdf:
Chapter 1 LED Blink
 Project 1.1 Control LED by Manual Button
 Project 1.2 Control LED by Control Board
Chapter 2 Two LEDs Blink
 Project 2.1 Two LEDs Blink
(Download tutorial for details)
Chapter 24 Ultrasonic Ranging
 Project 24.1 Ultrasonic Ranging
Chapter 25 Solder Circuit Board
 Project 25.1 Solder a Buzzer
 Project 25.2 Solder a Flowing Water Light
Other Components
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Contents of Processing.pdf:
 Processing Software
 First Use
Chapter 1 Voltmeter
 Project 1.1 Voltmeter
 Project 1.2 Voltmeter Dual Channel
Chapter 2 Oscilloscope
 Project 2.1 Oscilloscope
(Download tutorial for details)
Chapter 4 Snake Game
 Project 4.1 Snake Game
 Project 4.2 Snake Game 3D
Chapter 5 Pong Game
 Project 5.1 Pong Game
 Project 5.2 Pong Game 3D
What’s next?

273 pages detailed PDF tutorials (include basic electronics and programming knowledge) -> Download link:
217 common items -> All parts needed to complete the projects in the tutorial, no soldering required.
51 interesting projects -> Each project has circuit diagram and tested code with detailed explanation.
Extra advanced projects -> Make virtual instruments (voltmeter, oscilloscope) and game consoles.
Get support -> Our technical service team is always ready to answer your questions.

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