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So you have written a book, or you have an idea for a book you think people would love to read. Now what? There are thousands of authors who have written books and published them on Amazon. Amazon pays out tens of millions of dollars every month to authors for royalties. From what I’ve read, more than 50 % of authors on Amazon make less than $100 per year. The main reason is. They don’t do a few things that you need to do to sell books and make money.

Why is writing a book for Amazon a good idea?

Several reasons it is great.

You can do it for free.
Amazon is the biggest book seller in the world.
Selling books on Amazon is easy to manage.
Amazon pays you nice royalties and they do all the selling and delivery.
The right books will keep on paying you for years.

The problem is, there are a lot of pieces to getting a book for sale that will sell. You could figure out how to get your book up for sale. But if you don’t know the best way to do it, you will be competing with millions of books. This will make your chances of anyone finding your book very slim.

I have read hundreds of books on publishing on Amazon. Many of them were filled with great information about how to do it. I have taken all that i’ve read and use personally and put together a system that works great. It makes it easy from start to end of the writing process and getting it ready to publish. The information in this book will save you hundreds of hours.

Some of the techniques I have read about and tweaked them to fit what works for me. I am all about being as efficient as possible and that is what I wanted to create with this book. You can do your first book without all the trial and error and redoing books to get them their best. Or you can read what works to get there quick.

I have put all the information into a detailed tutorial for each part of the process. This will show you how you can get your book ready fast. I go through each section of the process and tell you the best and easiest way to do it the first time. You will learn:

Why you should write a book
How to pick the subject
How to make a mindmap
How to make an outline
How to write an intro that will sell your book
How to write the main content of the book
How to pick the best title
How to create a cover that will sell
How to edit your book
How to pick the best keywords
How to get printed copies of your book on Createspace
How to never have writer’s block.


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