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Save money with this complete beauty gift set for men, which can be used as a starter beard care kit for bearded men!Including our high-quality wash bag, which is also perfect for everyday use.

A fabulous beard wax with a hint of the Caribbean for wild beards, shaggy sailors and curly city pirates.To use, simply press a little beard wax out of the crucible with your fingernail, warm it between your fingers and then massage it into your full beard or moustache.

Beard oil HAVANNA
100% naturalcarrier oils from biological cultivation
handmade in Germany

• Grape seed oil (against brittle hair)
• Almond oil (moisturizes)
• Argan oil (against dandruff formation and inflammation)
• Vitamin E (cares for the skin)
• … and the unique HAVANNA scent.

Beard comb of pear wood
Through the long teeth our handcrafted wooden beard comb combs both short and meter long beards. In addition to normal combing, you will also need a beard comb to distribute beard care oil evenly throughout the beard.

Beardbrush made of bamboo with wild boar bristles
A beard brush is a must for all bearded men!
Wild boar bristles have proven themselves with beard bearers all over the world for decades. They comb the beard efficiently, stimulate the blood circulation of the facial skin and massage skin particles out of the beard area.

💪 EVERYTHING FOR THE BEARD > What does a scratchy three-day beard or lush full beard need? Beard care oil after washing, spread a beard brush to the beard oil, a beard comb to shape and a beard wax to fix!
💪 BEST QUALITY > Our natural cosmetics are handmade in Germany. We only use high quality ingredients without added manure! Together with you we stand for the beard tradition. Order your premium product now so that your strong beard will find long-term recognition!
💪 PERFECT FOR THE ROAD > The high-quality wash bag made of robust canvas fabric with leather patches ensures that you have your most important products with you when you travel. And of course there’s room for your toothbrush too!
💪 PERFECT GIFT IDEA > Make a beard bearer happy! Our gift set is an unusual and extravagant gift for bearded men.

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